Doubles   2018-19


CityView Curling Club
50 Capilano Dr
Ottawa ON  K2E 6G4
[email protected]


Rest / Cain
Abdullah / Lafond
Sennette / Ragan
Madden /Humbly
French / Collins
Acres / Smolka
McMullin / Cule
Zwola / DiPaolo
Kean / Fogarty

Blenkarn / Leclair
Campbell / Cowan
Linton / Kean
Fraser / Pavone
Belliveau / McGuire



Re-Scheduling Games
- When I receive a request that a team cannot make it (please also copy the contact(s) from your opponent team, I highlight that game in red on the schedule to show that it is cancelled and that the time slot is now available. It gets moved to the end of the schedule highlighted in yellow to signify it needs to be a makeup game.
- if you make up your game on your own at a different club, etc. just let me know the result for the standings and I'll mark your game as played
- you may move your game to available slots for double headers if the time slot works for both teams.

- Spares can be used, they do not need to be the opposite gender. You can have two boys/men or two girls/women on your team. We encourage mixed teams in general so that they get the experience playing together in anticipation for play downs but it is not a requirement.
- Spares do not need to pay any fee but if they aren't already part of the OYCL league, the form needs to be filled out and provided to one of the OYCL Reps:
Link to OYCL Registration Form

Game Rules
- rules link to Ontario Curling Council is listed on website (
- no coach timeouts for strategy, parent or coach can be called upon for medical or equipment issue
- time allocated per game is 1hr 30 minutes (8:45 - 10:15 & 10:15 - 11:45) so try not to start an end with less than 15 minutes remaining in your draw time slot (10am for 1st draw or 11:30 for 2nd draw)

If I'm away that particular week, just email the Winner or Loser of your game and I'll update the standings online

Phil Mainville
[email protected]